High Sierra Indian Encampment

Montana Encampment

Mount Hood, Oregon

Crushing Surf, California Coastal

Indian Camp At Sunset

Indian Encampment In Winter

Crater Lake

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California

Oregon Range Puget Sound

Mount Shasta

Indian Encampment

Indians Riding Through A Valley

Sioux Encampment In The Rockies

Indians In Yosemite Valley

Riding The Trail, Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite

Cabin In The Redwoods

Indian Encampment

St. Mary’s Butte From The Yuba River

Indian Encampment In The Sierras

Pow Pow In Yosemite Valley

Landscape With Snow Covered Mountains

Indian Camp In The Cascades

Indians In A Landscape

Western Settlement

View Of Drakes Beach, California

Indian Encampment

Landscape With Indian Encampment

Indian Encampment In The Moonlight

Mount Saint Helena From Redwood Creek, Sonoma County, California

Indian Encampment Watching The Wagon Train

Cows In Benicia With View Of Mt. Diablo

Cattle Herd By A Valley Stream

Cows In A Mountain Landscape

Indian Camp With Mountains In The Distance

Ten Mile Parish, Humboldt County, California

House By A Pond With Figure In A Boat

The Cottage Yard

A Meeting On A Country Road

Wooded Landscape With Stream

Scene On The Van Dusen River, Humboldt

The Wine Festival

A Mexican Village

View Of Oakdale, California

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