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The Etcher

The Musicale

The Interlude

Wilfred Duphiney

Woman Seated With A Book

Portrait Of A Man

Fisherman Mending His Basketry Fish Trap

Young Woman Holding A Book And A Rose

Woman Peeling Apples

Bradford Calif As A Boy

Young Boy

The New England Magazine

title unknown

The Market Place

Children In Rothenburg Square

Yard View (Providence, Rhode Island)

Old Windmill, Nantucket

Winter Workers

Deer In A Winter Forest

title unknown

Winter Landscape

Snow Scene

title unknown

Fall Landscape

Autumn Hill

Summer Landscape


View From The Dunes

Provincetown Dunes

The Dunes

Impressionist Garden Landscape

A Cape Cod Cottage In Floral Landscape

In The Vegetable Garden

Etaples, France

A View From The First Baptist Church, Providence, Rhode Island

Town With Horse

At The Beach

Harbor Scene With Boats


Still Life Of White And Red Grapes, Apples And Nectarines

Grapes Spilling Out Of The Basket

title unknown

title unknown