Edward Harrison May (1824 – 1887)


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Portrait Of A Young Woman

Sir John Read Bart of Brockett Hall

Edith Wharton

Beautiful Shepherdess

Lady Howe Mating Benjamin Franklin

George Washington And Miss Custis

Aristocratic Figures Before A Reflective Pond

Allegorical Scene Of A Dying King

Jewish Captives At Babylon

Portrait Of A Gentleman

Portrait Of A Young Girl

A Neapolitan Woman

Young Italian Peasant In A Plumed Hat

The Falconer


John Ross Key (1832 – 1920)


Lake Tahoe

Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz Mountains

View Of Washington From Arlington

A Mountain Landscape

Lake Tahoe

Mount Washington From The Intervale

Mount Kearsarge From Fryeburg, ME

Boats On The River

Cherry Mountain And Mount Lafayette From Jefferson

Presidential Range From Jefferson Highlands

Sierra Falls

Sailboats With Cattle Grazing

On The Coast Near Marblehead

On The Sacramento

Lake Tahoe Vista

Summertime On Chain Bridge Road

Corner Of An Old Southern Garden

Sunlight On A Garden Path

A Flower Garden

Woodland Interior

Giant Sequoias

A Bend In The River

Cattle On A Hillside

Fisherman On A River With Distant Bridge


Landscape With Waterfall

View Of Lake Champlain

Cows At Pasture On A Summer Afternoon

Luminous River Valley

Sailboats On Lake Champlain

Afternoon On The Lake – Sylvan Landscape With Figure Boating On River

Berkshire Hills

Marblehead, Mass

Old Virginia Homestead

River Scene With Cattle Watering

Lake Scene

Electric Building, Pan American Exposition

The Colombian Exposition

Chicago Exposition

Floral Still Life


Still Life With Chrysanthemum And Oak Leaf

Still Life Of Pink And White Hydrangeas

Goldenrods And Other Wild Flowers

Lilacs And Other Garden Flowers

Still Life Of Lilac

Still Life Of Roses


Floral Artwork




Charles Wilson Knapp (1823 – 1900)


Autumn River Landscape

Early Autumn

View Of The Susquehanna River

River In Autumn

Autumn On The Lake

Early Evening

In The White Mountains

Landscape With Cattle Watering

Landscape With Cows Grazing

Autumn Landscape With Boy Fishing

Hudson River Scene

Morning, Narragansett

On The Wissahickon

Pastoral Landscape With Cows By A Brook

Pennsylvania Landscape

Mount Washington In Summer

Mount Washington In Autumn


Cabin In The Woods

Pastoral Landscape

Boaters On A Pond In The Midst Of A Mountain Landscape

Cattle Grazing On A Riverbank

River Landscape With Cows Grazing

Grazing By The Water

Mountain Landscape With River

Boating On The Wissahickon

View On The Pemigewasset River, New Hampshire

Landscape With Fishermen

River Landscape

Autumn River Landscape With Cattle Grazing In The Distance


New England Farm Landscape

title unknown

title unknown

Fishing In The Catskills

Figures By A House In A Winter Landscape

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Edward Hill (1843 – 1923)


Cliff House At Point Lobos, San Francisco

Echo Lake

Mount Lafayette, Echo Lake, Franconia Notch From Bald Mountain

Storm Clouds Over Echo Lake

Mount Lafayette

Mount Lafayette

Old Man, Profile Lake And Franconia Notch From The Bridal Path

Old Man Of The Mountain

Old Man Of The Mountain

Riders With Pack Horses In A Mountain Landscape

A Friendly Shelter

Adamson’s Ranch, Utah

Crawford Notch From The Elephant’s Head

Crawford Notch From Mount Willard

Woodcutter’s Wagon In New Hampshire Autumn Woods

Franconia Notch From Woodstock

Franconia Notch, White Mountains

Morning In The Franconia Valley

Eagle Cliff And Franconia Notch From The Base Of Profile Mountain

Eagle Cliff, Franconia Notch

Eagle Cliff From Echo Lake, Franconia Notch

Eagle Cliff From Profile Lake

Bridal Veil Falls, Franconia

Western Landscape With Bear

The Broken Bridge

Goodrich Falls On The Ellis River

Glen Ellis Falls

Lafayette Brook, Autumn

Leaning Tree At Cliff Face

Riders Crossing A River

Mount Ascutney, VT

Presidential Range From Lancaster

Presidential Range From The Mountain View House, Whitefield

Deer Near A Brook

Sheep Along The River

Meadow Scene With Cows

Flowering Apple Trees

Apple Blossoms

Farmhouse Under Trees

Mountain Landscape

Mt. Hood And Columbia River Palisades

Lake View

Evening View

Waves Crashing On A Rocky Coast

Fisherman At A Cascade

Ravine Brook, White Mountains

Littlefield Ravine, Jackson

October – Sunlight In The Woods