Stacy Tolman (1860 – 1935)


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The Etcher

The Musicale

The Interlude

Wilfred Duphiney

Woman Seated With A Book

Portrait Of A Man

Fisherman Mending His Basketry Fish Trap

Young Woman Holding A Book And A Rose

Woman Peeling Apples

Bradford Calif As A Boy

Young Boy

The New England Magazine

title unknown

The Market Place

Children In Rothenburg Square

Yard View (Providence, Rhode Island)

Old Windmill, Nantucket

Winter Workers

Deer In A Winter Forest

title unknown

Winter Landscape

Snow Scene

title unknown

Fall Landscape

Autumn Hill

Summer Landscape


View From The Dunes

Provincetown Dunes

The Dunes

Impressionist Garden Landscape

A Cape Cod Cottage In Floral Landscape

In The Vegetable Garden

Etaples, France

A View From The First Baptist Church, Providence, Rhode Island

Town With Horse

At The Beach

Harbor Scene With Boats


Still Life Of White And Red Grapes, Apples And Nectarines

Grapes Spilling Out Of The Basket

title unknown

title unknown

William Thomas Smedley (1858 – 1920)



One Day In June

A Lazy Companion


Seated Woman With Parasol On A Terrace

Society Girl

Arranging Flowers

Young Lady

The White Gloves

A Gentleman

The White Dress – Young Woman In A Park

Girl In White

Man In A Top Hat

A Weaver At His Loom

Young Woman

Debutantes At A Party

I Should Like To Make My Own Living

title unknown

In Repose

The Auction

At Noon Time

In The Rotunda Of The Capitol

The Night Before Christmas

A Midsummer Night – Pipe Smokers

The Morning News

The Girl And The Game

Opera Ball

Park Scene

Laura Coquetting With Mr. Buckstone

New Atreet, Stock Exchange

The Making Of The White City

I Saw Tall Derricks By The Hundreds Rise

Julia Bride

An Afternoon On Connecticut Avenue, Washington

A Summer Evening On The Battery

The North Meadows, Central Park

Afternoon In The Park

A Late Arrival

Love In Old Cloathes

Couple Aboard Ship

An Act Of Kindness

At The Opera

At A Restaurant

The Four Were Seated At A Round Table In The Corner

You Are Exactly On Time

Saturday Night At The Union Market, New York City

Under The Mistletoe – A Test Of Courage

The Golden House – Ticker Tape In Broker’s Office

The Review

title unknown

The Landlord At Lion’s Head

The Introductions In A Landscape

A Rebellious Heroine

title unknown

Couple Returning From A Trip

Scribner’s Magazine illustration

The Cliffs At Nahant, North Shore, Massachusetts

A Woman And A Young Lady In A Doorway

Two Men Riding Horses Past Ruins Of Grand Gate

Roustabouts Unloading A Mississippi Boat

Negroes Waiting For The Ferry

Southern Gentleman

The Old Way To Dixie


William John Hennessy (1839 – 1917)


Mon Brave

A Secret

The Pride of Dijon

An Old Song

The Dandelion Clock

Flowers Of May

A Spring Fantasy

Moya, The Artist’s Daughter

The Japanese Parasol – A Young Girl With A Parasol In A Summer Garden

Picking Cider Apples, Normandy


Old Farm Yard, Mareil, Marly

The Return From School, Calvados

Fete Day In A Cider Orchard, Normandy

Meeting Under The Apple Tree, Normandy

The Votive Offering

La feu de joie, A Calvados Custom

The Old Mill – Figures On A Path, Normandy – A Path By A Ruin

The Balloon

Two Women In A Landscape

Mother And Daughters In Springtime – Children In A Meadow

The Shrimpers

The Fishermen

The Woodcutter

The Flower Seller

The Music Lesson

The Artist’s Studio

View Of The Cliffwalk, Newport, RI

Woman In An Autumn Landscape

Couple Looking Out To A Harbor With Boats

On The Sands, Long Island Sound

Breton Girl Returning From The Well

A Summer Evening

The Enchanted Lake


Young Girl With Sunlit Bonnet

Spring At Calvados, France

An Impression Of Springtime, Calvados

Woman In An Interior

By The Window

Woman By A Wood Burning Stove

Two Women In Landscape

The Flower Girl

Woman’s Head

Out And About After The Snowfall

The Snowball Fight

Jack The Giant Killer

Twixt Day And Night

Japanese Girls Collection Blossoms

The Swallows

Blossoms And Butterflies

Still Life

Garden Path

Eton College From Across The Thames

Relic Of The Chain Pier, Brighton, East Sussex

A Winter Evening Off Brighton Beach

Bindon Landing

(more paintings)


James Augustus Suydam (1819 – 1865)


Long Island

Sunset On The Hudson Highlands

Hut On The Hudson

Conway Meadows

Paradise Rocks, Newport

View Of Newport Harbor

Landscape With Cattle Watering

Beach At Newport, Rhode Island

Beach Scene, Newport

Gathering By The Shore

Newport Beach

Casting The Nets

At River’s Bend

New London Lighthouse – Beacon On East


Coastal View At Sunset

Landscape At Sunset With Sailboats In The Distance

Sunset Landscape

Charles B. Russ (1825 – 1920)



Mount Washington From The Saco River

Saco River, New Hampshire

Mount Lafayette And Bear From Franconia, NH

At The Palisades On The Hudson

Road To Town

St. Albans, Vermont

River Landscape With Cottage And Figure Sitting Under A Tree

Town View, Probably A Haverhill, Massachusetts Landscape

White Mountain Landscape

White Mountain Landscape

title unknown

Walking Down A Dirt Road

A Woodland View

Hudson River Valley

Panoramic Town Scene With Figures And Train

title unknown

Western Landscape With Indians On Rock Ledge

Hunter Walking Along A Forest Path

Mt. Monadnock From Hancock