One Day In June

A Lazy Companion


Seated Woman With Parasol On A Terrace

Society Girl

Arranging Flowers

Young Lady

The White Gloves

A Gentleman

The White Dress – Young Woman In A Park

Girl In White

Man In A Top Hat

A Weaver At His Loom

Young Woman

Debutantes At A Party

I Should Like To Make My Own Living

title unknown

In Repose

The Auction

At Noon Time

In The Rotunda Of The Capitol

The Night Before Christmas

A Midsummer Night – Pipe Smokers

The Morning News

The Girl And The Game

Opera Ball

Park Scene

Laura Coquetting With Mr. Buckstone

New Atreet, Stock Exchange

The Making Of The White City

I Saw Tall Derricks By The Hundreds Rise

Julia Bride

An Afternoon On Connecticut Avenue, Washington

A Summer Evening On The Battery

The North Meadows, Central Park

Afternoon In The Park

A Late Arrival

Love In Old Cloathes

Couple Aboard Ship

An Act Of Kindness

At The Opera

At A Restaurant

The Four Were Seated At A Round Table In The Corner

You Are Exactly On Time

Saturday Night At The Union Market, New York City

Under The Mistletoe – A Test Of Courage

The Golden House – Ticker Tape In Broker’s Office

The Review

title unknown

The Landlord At Lion’s Head

The Introductions In A Landscape

A Rebellious Heroine

title unknown

Couple Returning From A Trip

Scribner’s Magazine illustration

The Cliffs At Nahant, North Shore, Massachusetts

A Woman And A Young Lady In A Doorway

Two Men Riding Horses Past Ruins Of Grand Gate

Roustabouts Unloading A Mississippi Boat

Negroes Waiting For The Ferry

Southern Gentleman

The Old Way To Dixie