The Patrician

A Monk

Gentleman In Hat

American Indian

Indian With Red Robe

A Moorish Warrior

Spring’s Messenger

Clergyman In White Robe

Through The Golden Door Of Dreams

A Monk’s Advice

title unknown

The Miser

The Veterans


The Sailor’s Yarn

The Milliner’s Dream

A Quiet Afternoon In The Park

Young Boy And Girl Looking At Bird

Raking Leaves

African Man

Portrait Of A Woman

Woman With A Blood Red Cape

Theodore Roosevelt

Jon Vander Poel

Dr. Halsted

Mary Louisa Halstead

Shepherd In An Autumn Landscape

Sag Harbor

Fall Landscape

Landscape With Figures

Autumn Landscape

Autumn Landscape

Autumn Landscape

View Through The Trees

End Of The Day

Prairie With Indian Teepees

Boats Unloaded In Shallow Surf

Still Life

Still Life With Cauliflower

Chrysanthemum In Vase

Still Life

Still Life Of Flowers In Vase