Charles Sidney Raleigh (1830 – 1925)


Chilly Observation

Law Of The Wild

All In A Day’s Work

Emblem Of Sargis Lodge

The Discovery Of Martha’s Vineyard

A View Of Clark’s Island, New Bedford Harbor

On The Hudson River


Clipper Ship In A Gale

Ship Western Belle In Gale Force Storm

American Bark Western Belle

American Ship Augusta


Ship Lucy G. Dow

The Aline

The American Schooner M. H. Read

The American Schooner Western Star

The Bark C. M.

The Emma Babcock

The Full Rigged Ship Minnie B

The Ship Hampden

The Yacht America

The Three Masted Schooner Joseph G. Dean Headed Out To Sea

The Three Masted Schooner Lemuel Hall Passing Dumpling Rock Lighthouse, New Bedford

The Bark Gerard C. Tobey

The Hermaphrodite Brig Eliza Stevens

Volunteer And Thistle

Fruit With Blue-Footed Bowl


Jefferson David Chalfant (1856 – 1931)



The Blacksmith

The Clock Tinker – The Clock Maker

The Shoemaker

The Cobbler

Bouguereau’s Atelier At The Academy Julian, Paris

Out Of Tune


Envious Critics

The Visiting Champion

Smiling Boy

title unknown

In Hard Luck – A Bad Day

The Soldier

The Smoker

Gentleman In A Tavern

Nude From The Rear

Standing Nude Woman

View Along The Brandywine – Woman Carrying Wood

Traveler In A Wood

Miss Mary Du Pont

George F. Pfahler

Woman Seated

The Old Flintlock – The Old Horse Pistol

Violin And Bow

Doux Souvenir

The Old Almanac

A Brown Butterfly

Chess Players (Sketch)

Two Young Girls In A Decorated Interior

Manuel Joachim de Franca (1808 – 1865)


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Joseph Roberts jr. with Telescope And Celestial Globe And Leaning On A Volume Of Mechanisms Of The Heavens

Matthew Huizinga Messchert

Mrs. Derrick January (Julia Bryan Churchill) And Her Children

Leo, Matilda And Mary Churchill

Brother And Sister Holding A School Book

Colonel James Page 

David B. Hinman of Philadelphia

Portrait Of A Man

Robert Ralston Dorsey

Portrait Of A Gentleman

Solomon White Roberts

Pemela Marr Harrison

Portrait Of A Woman

Young Southern Girl With Gold Pocketwatch

Mary Elizabeth Lee (Mrs. Robert F. Fleming)

Mrs. Thomas E. Tutt (Sarah ‘Sallie’ Rollins Bennett)

Portrait Of A Man

Young Woman From Snow Hill, Maryland

Young Lady

Justine Clermont (Mrs. Johann Adam Lemp of St. Louis)

Eliza Adelia Whitehill

Josiah H. Obear

George W. Tracy

Florence Tracy

Young Girl In A Red Dress Holding A Straw Hat Filled With Flowers

Henry Colton Shumway (1807 – 1884)


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Catherine Augusta Wilmerding

James Morris

Mrs. James Morris

Gentleman In Black Coat

Powell MacRae

George Matthews

Harriet Aymar (Harriet Attwood Downe)

A Gentleman

Gentleman In A Black Coat

A Gentleman – Young Man With Brown Hair

Young Gentleman In Black Coat

A Gentleman

Major William Boerum

John E. Shepard And Brothers

Eliza Ann Hall

Mrs. Samuel Russell (Frances Ann Osborne)

Portrait Of A Baby