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Joseph Roberts jr. with Telescope And Celestial Globe And Leaning On A Volume Of Mechanisms Of The Heavens

Matthew Huizinga Messchert

Mrs. Derrick January (Julia Bryan Churchill) And Her Children

Leo, Matilda And Mary Churchill

Brother And Sister Holding A School Book

Colonel James Page 

David B. Hinman of Philadelphia

Portrait Of A Man

Robert Ralston Dorsey

Portrait Of A Gentleman

Solomon White Roberts

Pemela Marr Harrison

Portrait Of A Woman

Young Southern Girl With Gold Pocketwatch

Mary Elizabeth Lee (Mrs. Robert F. Fleming)

Mrs. Thomas E. Tutt (Sarah ‘Sallie’ Rollins Bennett)

Portrait Of A Man

Young Woman From Snow Hill, Maryland

Young Lady

Justine Clermont (Mrs. Johann Adam Lemp of St. Louis)

Eliza Adelia Whitehill

Josiah H. Obear

George W. Tracy

Florence Tracy

Young Girl In A Red Dress Holding A Straw Hat Filled With Flowers