Attacked By A Bear

Wolves Attacking A Stag

The Struggle Of Life

Driving Steers

Beef For The Troops

Soldier Driving Cattle

Cows In A Mountainous Landscape

Drover And Cattle Along An Alpine Road

Homecoming Cows In Mountain Landscape

Cattle Crossing The Stream

Landscape With Cows And Farmers

Along The Mountain Edge

View Of West Point

The First Fish

Deer Watering At The Edge Of A Lake

Making Charcoal

Verdant Landscape With Cottage

An Alpine Landscape

Moonlit Landscape

Landing On A Scottish Port

Hintersee, Bavarian Alps

Bavarian Landscape

Deer Family In A Forest Clearing

Antelope On A Cliff

Hudson Valley View

Cattle In The Farmyard

View Of Conway, New Hampshire

Above The Falls

Ship Tossed At Sea

Children Fishing

Nude By A Lake

The Voyage Of Life: Youth (after Thomas Cole)

The Voyage Of Life: Old Age (after Thomas Cole)

Still Life With Apples