Daibutsu At Kamakura, Japan

Japanese Pagoda In The Woods

Mother And Children At Buddhist Temple In Nikko, Japan

Cherry Blossom, Kyoto

View At Karnak, Egypt

Philae From The Island Of Biggeh

The Gateway Of Philadelphus, Philae

East Entrance, Room Of Tiberius, Temple Of Isis, Philae

Portal Of Nectanebus, Philae

Temple Of Philae, Nubia

Temple Of Philae From The Outer Court

Hall Of Columns, Philae

Among The Ruins Of Philae

Ruin At Philae

Kom Ombo

Abu Simbel – The Temple Door

The Third And Fourth Figures At Abu Simbel

The Main Hall, Temple Interior, Abu Simbel

Queen Nefertiti

Captives Of Ramses II

Ramleh – Date Trees


The Temple Of Athena Nike On The Acropolis

Pont de Minimes, Chartres

The Priest’s Garden


Lerici In June

Gulf Of Spezia


Moored Boats

Moored Vessels, Venice

San Giorgio Maggiore And Santa Maria della Salute from Giardino Pubblico, Venice

La Dogana, Venice

The Horses Of St. Mark’s

Venetian Canal Scene


The Facade Of The Duomo At Lucca

The Church Of San Giovanni, Lucca

The Baptistery Of San Giovanni

San Martino, Lucca

The Villa di Bellosguardo

View Of Florence From The East

View Of Florence

View Of The Duomo From The Mozzi Garden, Florence

Duomo, Florence

The South Door Of The Duomo

Porta dei Canonici, Duomo, Florence

View Of Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella, Florence

The Three Arches Of Santa Maria Novella

The Flower Market, Florence

The Statue Of Justice, Florence

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