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Arundel Holmes Nicholls (The Artist’s Son)

Man With A Pipe

The White Gloves

A Dancer

To Herbert

The Voice Of The Woodland

The Large Rock At Casa del Ponte, Tokeneke, Darien, CT

Deep In Thought

Tea Time

Summertime, Afternoon Tea

The Watchful Eye

A Summer Day

Picking Wildflowers

Young Girl Carrying A Basket Of Laundry

Two Women Chatting By A Fence

Women In Meadow

title unknown

Peasant Girl On A Rocky Path

Peasant Woman With Pitcher

Tasting The Mix

Young Woman

Study Of A Peasant Man

Summer Idyll

A Visitor

The Scarlet Letter

Indian After The Chase

Gloucester Wharves

title unknown

title unknown

Lake Pavilion – City Park

Encampment Near Mount Coke, Kaffraria, Cape Of Good Hope, South Africa

Ten Pound Island, Gloucester, Massachusetts


Rural Landscape With Haystacks


A Shrine In Chioggia

A Street Door

A Water-Gate

Amphibious Boys

St. Mark’s During Service

The Venetian People


White Roses


Still Life

Rose Panel