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Mrs. O. P. Worthington – Woman Holding A Locket

Mother And Child

Rebecca Sterns

Gentleman With Books And A Letter

Lady With A Hymn Book

Woman In A Lace Bonnet

Lady With A White Bonnet And Black Dress

Mary Fenner Hall

Robert Hall

Young Woman

Mrs. Napoleon Leidy (Susannah E. Leidy)

Elizabeth Price Thomas

Gentleman Holding A Volume Of The Civil Architect

Gentleman Holding A Book

Mr. John Conrad

Mrs. John Conrad

Sarah Sommer Sims

Portrait Of A Gentleman


Village In Winter

Woman Wearing A Salmon-Colored Dress

Young Gentleman

Young Lady Seated On A Sofa And Holding A Book

William Walton

Mrs. Mary Arell Browne Walton

George L. Heins

Margaret Heins

Ann Marie Vick And Her Infant Daughter

Mrs. Bowie And Son

Rev. Richard Farmer Bower

Nekemiah Perkins

Margaret Perkins

Seated Young Lady

John Pizant

George Washington (after Gilbert Stuart)

Joseph Jones

Mrs. Joseph Jones

Likeness Of Himself

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