In The Garden

Picking Flowers

A Woodland Reverie

Seated Woman Reading

Man With A Moustache

Girl With A Cap

Two Dutch Ladies Knitting

A Simple Meal

Two Nude Boys In The Sea

Kitchen Chores

Mother And Children

A Fireside Smoke

title unknown

Dutch Girls

Young Maiden

Man With A Pipe

Reaching For Butterflies

Samson At The Millwheel

Figures On A Town Street

The Water Pump

Farmhouse In Wales

A German Home

The Hayshed


Farm Along The Towpath

Apple Trees

Sun Setting Past Wooded Landscape

Two Young Trees

Mystic, Connecticut

Woodland Pond

The Old Oak

Landscape With Orange House

Figures In The Forest

Forest Landscape

A Meadow Point

Sheep In A Meadow

Cows In A Landscape

Connecticut Farm Landscape

Falls Village, Connecticut

Geese On A French Farm

Sunset Calm

Catalina Mountains, Arizona

Oak Creek Canyon

On The Coast

Landscape With Figure On Boat

Pulling The Barge

Mystic, Conn.

Two Beached Boats

A Village Dock

Dutch Windmill