Autumn River Landscape

Early Autumn

View Of The Susquehanna River

River In Autumn

Autumn On The Lake

Early Evening

In The White Mountains

Landscape With Cattle Watering

Landscape With Cows Grazing

Autumn Landscape With Boy Fishing

Hudson River Scene

Morning, Narragansett

On The Wissahickon

Pastoral Landscape With Cows By A Brook

Pennsylvania Landscape

Mount Washington In Summer

Mount Washington In Autumn


Cabin In The Woods

Pastoral Landscape

Boaters On A Pond In The Midst Of A Mountain Landscape

Cattle Grazing On A Riverbank

River Landscape With Cows Grazing

Grazing By The Water

Mountain Landscape With River

Boating On The Wissahickon

View On The Pemigewasset River, New Hampshire

Landscape With Fishermen

River Landscape

Autumn River Landscape With Cattle Grazing In The Distance


New England Farm Landscape

title unknown

title unknown

Fishing In The Catskills

Figures By A House In A Winter Landscape

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