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Madonna Of Giverny

Mrs. Alice MacMonnies (Alice Jones, The Artist’s Wife)

Marion Jones Farquhar (The Artist’s Sister-in-law)

The Artist’s Daughter, Berthe, With Her Doll

Berthe And Marjorie With Doll

Marjorie And Berthe Feed Their Pet Rooster Coco

French Nursemaid And Baby Berthe

Self Portrait

Monsieur Cardin (Le Raseur)

May Suydam Palmer

Self Portrait

Mrs. Anne Archbold

John H. Roudebush, Esq.

Self Portrait

Boy On A Toy Sheep

Marthe Lucas

The Mask

Woman In Red

Self Portrait

Woman With A Bow Tie

A Boy And His Dog

Maria Theresa of Spain (after Velazquez)

Courtlandt Palmer

Study Of Head Of Man

The Cobbler

Standing Female Nude

Study Of A Standing Male Nude