Monte Pellegrino At Palermo, Italy

Morning At Venice From A Public Garden

View Of Venice

Sun Rise Venice, With Santa Maria della Salute – Entrance Grand Canal

View At Venice Near The Arsenal

Morning On The Grand Canal

Morning, A Bird’s View Of Venice

Neapolitan View

Castello dell’Ovo, Bay Of Naples

View At Amalfi, Bay Of Salerno

View Of Naples From The Sea

The Bay Of Naples

Sorrento Sun Rise

View Of The Countryside At Ischia

A View Of Pompeii

View Of Atrani, Gulf Of Salerno

Pompeii’s Tomb

Florence Scene


On The Roman Campagna

View Of An Aqueduct In The Campagna Near Rome

Sunset, The Tiber At Rome

View of the Temple of Peace in the Roman Forum

Sun Rise, August Morning, View Of The Lake Of Albano (near Rome)

Italian Campagna With View Of The Claudian Aqueduct

Effect Near Noon – Along The Appian Way

Near Sunset – View Of Rome From Porte Molte

View From The Tiber, Rome

A Traveller Resting By The Roadside (Rome)

Traveller In A French Pastoral Landscape

Port At Istanbul

River Landscape

Oysterman’s Hut

Landscape With Mountains And River

Summer Landscape

The Hudson River

Entrance To The Harbor Of Norwalk, Connecticut

Franconia Mountains From The Pemigewasset River At West Campton, Maine

Horse Chestnut Tree, West Medford, Massachusetts

New Hampshire Landscape

The Hudson At Bear Mountain

Morning, View On Smith’s Island, Norwalk Bay, Connecticut

New England Landscape With Cemetery (Medford, MA)

Autumn, Windy Day – View At Gorham, New Hampshire

Sunrise, White Mountains, New Hampshire

Mount Washington From Jackson

Moat Mountain From Jackson

Moat Mountain From Jackson

The Old Mill

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