Cows Grazing By A Stream

Landscape, Early Autumn

River Scene With Mountains And Cows

Country Landscape With Trees By A River

The Mohawk At The Westerville, New York

View On The Mohawk

View Of Moat Mountain And The Ledges From Intervale, New Hampshire


New England Landscape With Cows

View From Mount Moriah, Phila

View Of Mount Washington, New Hampshire

New England Summer Landscape

Summer Afternoon On The Susquehanna

Landscape With Cows Grazing By A Stream

Cattle Watering In A Landscape


Early Autumn At The Lake Farm

River Landscape

Figures And Cattle In A River Landscape

White Mountain Scene

Cows Grazing On Farm


Sunset, Little Miami Valley

Fisherman By A River – Fishing On A Summer Afternoon

Landscape With A Bay And Grazing Cows

New England Mountain Lake With Figures

Autumn Landscape

New England Farm

Landscape With Grazing Cattle

River Town

Tryst In The Woods

Manchester Mill Pond

Two Figures Hiking Past Stream

Cows Grazing

Artist Sketching