The White Mountains

Niagara Falls At Sunset

Near Sun Set – A View Of Capri

Old Bridge Over The Old Lowell Canal At Medford, Massachusetts

Activity At The Water’s Edge, Lake Lucerne


Panorama Of Florence

Sunset – Doge’s Palace

The Valley Of Chamouni And Mont Blanc

View Of The Mythens Near Schwys

View Near Pisa


View Of Norwalk Islands, Norwalk, Connecticut

title unknown

Mill-Brook Cascade At Thornton

View Near Rome

View Of The Town Of Tivoli At Sunset

View Of Naples With Castle Nuovo

Figure On A River Bank

Lake Of Nemi, Near Rome

Moose River On The Road To Gorham

North Rome, View Of The Pons Mulvius Near Sunset

The Woodchopper

In The Woods

Bucolic Village Scene

Distant View Of Mount Soracte, Near Rome

View Of The Italian Coast

Winter – View Of The Old School House At Bishop Estate, Medford, Mass.


On The River At Olneyville, R.I.

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Landscape With Fishermen On A Small Lake

The Onset Of Evening

Canon Mountain And Franconia North From Thornton

View Of Chase’s At Campton Village, N.H.

Double Head Mountain – Afternoon, Jackson, N.H.

Unloading Coal In The Mystic River

Roman Landscape

View Of Boston From Dorchester

Marsh Scene

Moon Rising – Landscape With View Of European City

Public Garden, Boston

Joshua Richardson Bigelow