Portrait Of Two Children

Antoine Jacques Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville from the Orleans Lancers Of The Louisiana Militia

A Daughter Of Samuel Hermann

Marie Emeranthe Becnel Brou (Madame Samuel Hermann)

Brigadier General Jean Baptiste Plauché

Mrs. Antoine-Julien Meffre-Rouzan

Wiliam Charles Cole Claiborne II

Edmond Jean Forstall And Desirée Forstall

Étienne Mazureau, Louisiana Attorney

Mrs. Samuel Bell

Woman With A Fur Boa

Charles Victor Foulon, Notary

Portrait Of A Young Woman

Joseph Sauvinet

Portrait Of A Creole Woman

Baroness Louise Deconchy Receiving Word Of Her Husband’s Death In Battle

Fanny-Augusta Hunt

Louis Barillier

Young Woman With Fur Collar

Lucien Hermann

Portrait Of A Man

Woman In A White Dress

Madame Morales de Marigny