In The Orchard

Arrangement In Pink And Gray – Afternoon Tea

Cutting Origami – Girl Cutting Patterns

Josephine And Mercie

Eleanor Hyde

Girl Mending

Across The Room

Benjamin Rush

Margaret Under The Elms

Breakfast On The Piazza

My Three Granddaughters

Schooling The Horses

Mother, Mercie And Mary

Mrs. John Lawrence

The Bath

The Sisters

Quiet Afternoon – The Rehearsal

Mother And Mary

My Daughter Josephine

Preparing For The Matinee

The Mirror – Girl With A Mirror


Three Girls Reading

Girl Writing

Josephine Knitting

Madame Tarbell

Mrs. Tarbell As A Girl

My Children In The Woods

Mercie Cutting Flowers

Summer Breeze

The Blue Veil


Woodrow Wilson

Self Portrait

to be continued…