The Caress

Mother And Child - The Oval Mirror

Children Playing On The Beach

Jules Being Dried By His Mother

Sara In A Green Bonnet

The Bath

Young Mother Sewing

Françoise Wearing A Big White Hat

Sara Handing A Toy To The Baby

The Mirror

Child In A Straw Hat - Little Girl In A Big Straw Hat

Little Girl In A Blue Armchair

Breakfast In Bed

The Garden Reading

Auguste Reading To Her Daughter

The Family

Mother And Sara Admiring The Baby

Baby Reaching For An Apple - Child Picking Fruit

Ellen Mary Cassatt With A Large Bow In Her Hair

Mother And Child

Mother Berthe Holding Her Baby - The Young Mother

Elsie Cassatt Holding A Big Dog

Maternal Kiss


Sleepy Thomas Sucking His Thumb

Mother Combing Her Child's Hair

Nurse Reading To A Little Girl