Woman Feeding A Flock Of Sheep

Holding The Lamb

Prospect Park

Young Girl Holding A Lamb

Young Girl At The Seashore

Crossing The Stream

Grandfather’s Dinner

Girl Smelling A Rose In A Hay Field

Woman In A Wheatfield

Young Woman In A Field

Girl With A Rose

Young Girl With Daisies

School Days In The Country

Children’s Parade

Picking Daisies

Girl In Field

Frolic Along A Country Path

The Goat Cart

Summer In The Country


Entertaining Baby

The Negotiation

Boy With His Dog

The Wading Pool, Coney Island

Young Woman With Pony

Hunter In Kilt

Young Boy Running While Shooing A Butterfly With His Straw Hat

Boy With His Dog

A Girl On The Way To The Market

Little Girl Within A Landscape

Skating In New York

The Reading Lesson

Girl With Goat

Girl On A Swing

Showery Day

By The Sea

Three Figures In Landscape

Child Feeding The Sheep

Sheep In Road

Family Tending Sheep

Young Boy With Sheep

Grazing Sheep

Sheep At Pasture

Sheep Grazing In A Meadow

Keeping Warm In The Fields